About The Lions

 The International Association of Lions Clubs is the world’s largest and most active service club with more than 1.4 million members, with 43,000 clubs world-wide, in more than 186 countries and geographical regions.


Melvin Jones and other businessmen in Chicago, Illinois founded Lions Club International in 1917.The emblem pictured on the front page is a circular gold area with two lion profiles at either side facing away from the center.Symbolically the lions face the past and the future (proud of the past and confident of the future).The LIONS name provides the basis for our slogan (Liberty, Intelligence, and Our Nation’s Safety).


Lions Club are non-political, non-sectarian and not-for-profit service clubs, composed of community members who have joined together for a common cause – to aid those in need.We are volunteers grouped together under an international organization.We enjoy good fellowship, enlightening programs at meetings and opportunities to develop our leadership capabilities.More importantly, we dedicate part of our free time to help those in need in our communities, while making Apalachin a better place in which to live and work.


Lions International promotes sight conservation and preservation as a major emphasis area.Other major emphasis areas of Lionism include: speech and hearing programs, work with the deaf, diabetes awareness, heath, recreational and youth programs, social service work, and support of summer camps.

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